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  • Need help

    OK, I just bought a pVR250 and I have it connected to the X10 receiver... I think I've got capconfig set up OK.

    When I try a capture, the window just close and the following appears in the log:
    2004/05/28 21:30:39~!~CaptureUtility Debug Level 2~!~tmCaptureImage - Timer fired - First image - Interval was:400 Capture (False)
    2004/05/28 21:30:39~!~CaptureUtility Debug~!~tmCaptureImage - Capture Image for camera Camera Front Door busy status is 1 - Streaming(False) Capture (False) AVI Capture(False) Image Capturing(True) Capture filter enabled(True) Preview(False)
    2004/05/28 21:30:39~!~CaptureUtility Info~!~Snapping Image set 1 for Camera Front Door C:\Program Files\HomeSeer\html\Capture\Frame_2004-05-28_21-30-39.jpg
    2004/05/28 21:30:39~!~CaptureUtility Error~!~An unexpected error occured in the tmCaptureImage_Timer() function/subroutine: [1000 - Error '4' in SaveFrameJPG!]
    2004/05/28 21:30:39~!~Hauppauge Capture Info~!~oCapture_CaptureError - shuting down utilities - Retry Count is 0

    2004/05/28 21:30:39~!~CaptureUtility Debug Level 2~!~Entered Class terminate

    Also, when I open cappreview, I get a pop up saying tuner not found... I'm not using the 'tuner', I'm using the RCA video input...

    Also also, I have a motion sensor configured to trigger, here's the log:

    2004/05/28 21:33:52~!~Hauppauge Capture Debug~!~Entered HSEvent() subroutine.
    2004/05/28 21:33:52~!~Hauppauge Capture Debug~!~Received EV_TYPE_X10 event for X37 Command:2

    (I've mapped the sensor to X37)

    Nothing happens... sigh.

    Edit: I tried using A3 as the trigger ('Fake Motion') I get a little different log entry:

    2004/05/28 21:38:05~!~X10 Received~!~A3 (Garage Chargers) A On
    2004/05/28 21:38:05~!~Hauppauge Capture Debug~!~Entered HSEvent() subroutine.
    2004/05/28 21:38:05~!~Hauppauge Capture Debug~!~Received EV_TYPE_X10 event for A3 Command:2
    2004/05/28 21:38:05~!~Hauppauge Capture Debug~!~Entered Check_Motion for Motion Sensor Motion Fake Motion

    Still nothing happens...

    Another Edit: I downgraded from the beta version to the 'real' version... Now I get
    2004/05/29 17:28:07~!~CaptureUtility Error~!~An unexpected error occured in the TakePicture() function/subroutine: [339 - Component 'hcwWinTV.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid]

    I've searched my machine for hcwwintv.ocx, and I've googled the web for it... Nothing!

    I really need help with this! Now I'm going to skip over the the Webcam forum and complain about it!

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    That should be fixed in version 3.1.5

    I'm submitting it for the HS updater today.
    (Config is in my profile)