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  • Camera.asp question

    Does the Camera.asp verify that the trigger is armed before taking a capture.

    Reason I ask is that I have two events. One at 30 minutes before sunrise to ENABLE the main and one motion detector. I DISABLE at 30 minutes after sunset.

    When I get a visitor and they select the camera capture, it does even if at midnight so all they get is a dark screen.

    Reviewing the code, it looks like it should honor the disabled status and bypass.

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    The arming of the zones is only applicable to motion events. A snap on demand, like the camera.asp, will allways occur. Same thing for streaming - always available.
    (Config is in my profile)


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      Thanks. Guess I need to check for time in the ASP file and skip out.

      I have a top line message that if you try to take a capture between 8pm and 8am Eastern time all you will get are black screens but visitors don't seem to read directions very well. Getting lots of black screens...