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Cannot get plug-in to work

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  • Cannot get plug-in to work

    Hi Bryan;

    I have re-installed everything and cannot get it to work. I do not know what to do. I can view the channels from the WInTV OCX test program but the plug-in preveiw window always shows a blank window not matter what. If I take a capture it get's a "poor image" error in HS log. The settings appear correct (fine tuning -10) and I press connect but still no image>

    Please help!!!

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    Are you using NTSC or PAL camera's? Your profile doesn't state your location. The video and tuner format have to be set correctly to get a picture.

    (Config is in my profile)
    (Config is in my profile)


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      I am located in Southern California
      If you would like to try 909-244-5084
      I am using NTSC_M

      it is a second home 2.5 hours away. I will be here for another 2 hours.

      This is why it is very hard to struggle with these problems.


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        Sorry I didn't get a chance to read your post until now. I read in one of your previous emails that you modulate the cameras to channels 122 and 124 (I think). I looked at the ini file you had emailed me before and all looks ok but your device names are different.

        I remember that both cameras are on always and don't need to be turned on by anything. When you open up the CapPreview form the current camera will be shown in the info on the bottom left of the form. If camera name is blank that means the camera has not been activated by the plugin (as per a previous email). For your garage camera the camera name should be "Security Garage Occupancy" (from the ini file you sent me). The channel indicator (on the right control bar - upper right on the form) should read 124 - you can also use the + - controls on the right control bar to try changing the channel manually to see if an image appears. That should work for sure if the appsample worked.

        A markedup screen shot of the CapPreview form is attached

        (Config is in my profile)
        Attached Files
        (Config is in my profile)


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          Hi Bryan;

          I have 2 camera's one modulated on channel 122 (FT is -10) and channel 124 (FT is also -10)

          When I open CapPreview the center screen is blank (black, sometimes noise), the controls are on the left side not the right side like yours, the manual channel control is set to 4 and the WinTV plug-in Camera name field is always blank?

          If I veiw the home page it shows the "Garage" XCam On so I assumed it is selected?

          I am using the DooMotion plug-in and they are defined as motion sensors in the plug-in.



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            You do have things messed up a bit. Email me you xml config file for HS and I'll tell you exactly how to set up the plugin using your device names etc.

            It appears you are confusing the motion sensors with cameras and the Hauppauge Capture security zones. These all have to be seperate devices defined in HS.

            Because the device that you think is the camera is ON the HS device display does not mean the plugin activated the camera - the blank camera name field in the CapPreview proves that. Do you have the DooMotion plugin turn on lights when motion is detected in a room? This is similar to that except for an action you don't send an ON command to a light you would execute the plugin's MotionDetected function (see the documentation on Plugin usage).

            (Config is in my profile)
            (Config is in my profile)


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              If I send an X10 on command to the motion sensor which is assigned to the camera in the plug-in should it "select the camera?


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                Also, I will try to get a copy of the XML file and forward it.

                I have lost my Internet connection at that "not so smart" home again (aaarg!!) and cannnot get to it without a long drive.

                Maybe this weekend or maybe next.

                If possible I would like to be educated with all of the required info. to troubleshoot when I go again.

                In my case the motion sensor is an HAI plug-in security zone with an HS event which send an "ON" to a virtual device called "Garage Motion Sensor" on also does some announcing, etc.. (which triggers).

                I thought that would select the associated camera?

                I did notice that your plug-in also created 2 virtual devices which I "armed" (by default they were "disarmed".

                Do I need to send the "armed" virtual devices the On command instead of the motion sensor?

                Thanks Again,



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                  Nope - sending an ON the the device you have defined as the camera does not select it in the plugin. Actually the plugin turns on (or selects) the camera using the plugin's functions that you have to explicitly call (see Plugin Usage in the documentation).

                  You have to have a device defined in HS for the camera - on it's own house code and unit code. Think of it like an appliance module. You MUST do this even thou you're not physically turning it on but the plugin needs a camera defined to it can switch the turner to the proper channel. From what you have said so far, you have done this but you've called it a motion sensor.

                  You shouldn't have the camera's defined as motion sensors. Sending an ON to the motion sensor (Sounds like what you are doing) will not tell the plugin to switch the WinTV card to the correct tuner channel - that is why it says channel 4 and the camera name is blank - the plugin never switched to the camera (tuner in your case).

                  To really set things up properly:
                  Create a seperate device for each camera in HS (EG: for your garage camera make the Location=Garage, make the device name=Camera, Pick an unused virtual house code say "X", assign a unit number to it=1 and last of all make the device type=Camera).

                  Remove all Hauppauge Capture devices you currently have defined in HS and delete the ini file - so you can define things correctly.

                  Restart HS to reinitialize the plugin. Tell the plugin the device type for the camera is Camera so it can find those devices in HS.

                  In your last post <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>In my case the motion sensor is an HAI plug-in security zone with an HS event which send an "ON" to a virtual device called "Garage Motion Sensor" on also does some announcing, etc.. (which triggers).<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> Change the event (don't send an ON to the "Garage Motion Sensor") to also call the plugin with <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>hs.plugin("Hauppauge Capture").MotionDetected("Garage Camera")<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> If the Hauppauge Capture device for the security zone (based on the HAI Security plugin) is Armed, it will switch the WinTV tunner to the proper TV channel for the zones assigned camera and snap a picture.

                  Just sending an ON command to the camera device will not select it

                  (Config is in my profile)

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                  (Config is in my profile)


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                    Maybe I explained it wrong.

                    I have 2 device types "Camera" and "Virtual_MS"
                    Garage Motion Sensor-Device Type is Virtual_MS and Group is Security
                    Courtyard Motion Sensor-Device Type is Virtual_MS and group is Security
                    Garage Camera-Camera
                    Courtyard Camera-Camera

                    Then in the plug-in when I assign a Motion Sensor (from the left) to the "Security List" (on the right) it creates another device which can be armed or disarmed.

                    Then I send an X10 On event to the "Garage Motion Sensor Device" (not the Camera device) and it appears to select the Camera? But the window is blank.

                    Are you saying do not associate the Sensor with a Camera in your app. and instead use the Doomotion to send the select camera command?


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                      Ok I'm understanding how you have it set up. Your really close. The concept your missing is that the only way to select a camera is by calling one of two plugin functions. The first is to call the 'SwitchCamera' method which just switches (selects) a camera. The second is 'MotionDetected' which will select the camera assigned to a security zone. This is explained in the documentation Plugin Usage.

                      <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Are you saying do not associate the Sensor with a Camera in your app. and instead use the Doomotion to send the select camera command?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
                      Well sort of - The association is correct but use DooMotion to call the MotionDetected function in the capture plugin.

                      This is how I have it all set up (I'll describe only one device)
                      Motion Sensor - Location="Garage", device name="Motion Sensor", Device Type="MS13a MS"
                      Camera - Location="Garage", device name="Camera", device type="X10 Power Supply"

                      I use the old DooMotion scripts (haven't upgraded yet) and in doo_motion_custom.txt In the "Sub MotionAction(aDevName, aDevNMT)" sub I have this code:

                      HS.Plugin("Hauppauge Capture").MotionDetected (sDevName)

                      This calls the plugin every time any motion is detected for any motion sensor. If the security zone for garage motion sensor is Armed the plugin will automatically activate the camera associated with the garage security zone and snap a picture.

                      (Config is in my profile)
                      (Config is in my profile)


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                        I only see the black screen in the cappreview. My card works great with the wintv or vidcap application that came with the wintv card.

                        I also have two cameras modulated onto the cable. Channels 75 and 85.


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                          Are you running the most recent version of the plugin? The current version is 1.1.11 and is available from my web site

                          Are you calling the plugin to activate a camera? You MUST call a function in the plugin to have the WinTV tuner channel changed to a valid channel. See previous post for MotionDetected call or do this:

                          To test: Create an event that executes a one-liner script:

                          &hs.plugin("Hauppauge Capture").SwitchCamera("CamLocation CamName")

                          For example my test one-liner (see Image below):

                          &hs.plugin("Hauppauge Capture").SwitchCamera("Bryans Office Camera")

                          substitute your camera location and camera name as appropriate. Execute the event and open the CapPreview form, click 'connect' and if you have the camera set up properly an image will appear.

                          (Config is in my profile)

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                          (Config is in my profile)


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                            but I don't have a device type camera. Am I supposed to create this device type.
                            I have a device type Motion Sensor. No device types with the letters "MS" anywhere.
                            I have numerous motion sensors.

                            sorry but I must have a brain block. I have messed with this for quite a while and don't seem to have a clue as to how to capture one picture, or even see a picture.

                            haven't downloaded the last version but have the previous 10 or something like that

                            All I am trying to do is if my gate opens, take a couple of snapshots from my backyard camera. (Channel 85)

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                              I have figured out that I do not have the brain cells to get this working.

                              I updated using the instructions on the website and it hosed my entire HS install. Won't load now. Am in the process of complete ground up install.
                              Abandoning the WinTV stuff....Going back to my scripts that save the previous minute and the next minute's captures from another application. (after a trigger)

                              I'll try again once the plugin has matured.