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Problems when Updating to latest version

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  • Problems when Updating to latest version

    Greetings everyone.

    I get the following during the updater. Does anyone know what this could be? I've checked msvcr70.dll: it does not exist in the WINSYS directory, nor is the source file read only. Also, full security permissions have been given. I'm stumped! Please help!

    2004/08/31 23:25:04: Copying file: C:\Program Files\HomeSeer\Bin\Hauppauge_Capture\ImageUtility.exe
    2004/08/31 23:25:04: Registering EXE: C:\Program Files\HomeSeer\Bin\Hauppauge_Capture\ImageUtility.exe
    2004/08/31 23:25:04: Error installing file: msvcr70.dll , is file open?
    2004/08/31 23:25:04: Detailed error:
    2004/08/31 23:25:04: Installation aborted, try restarting your computer and re-running the update.
    2004/08/31 23:25:04: Could not install: C:\Program Files\HomeSeer\updates\Hauppauge Capture Plug-in3.1.0.5, maybe download failed?
    2004/08/31 23:25:04: Updates not complete
    2004/08/31 23:25:04: Updates aborted.

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    Search your entire system for the dll. This is symptomatic of another program using the dll. You might have to shut down everything on your system before running the updater. If that doesn't help, then open a help desk ticket.



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      If Bill's suggustion doesn't work - you can try this. Edit the install.txt in the Hauppauge plugin's zip file and remove the line containing msvcr70.dll and delete it. Place the zip file into the main HoseSeer folder and run the updater using local mode.
      (Config is in my profile)