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W2k AVI Thumbs

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  • W2k AVI Thumbs

    Has anyone got .avi thumbnails working with this plugin and windows 2000??? if so how?

    I've searched the far corners of the web :-) and I cannot find any details on getting w2k to display video file thumbs, only .jpg's etc

    It seem's that windows 2000 don't support avi thumbnails, so would it be possible to just use the .jpg captured thumbs for both???

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    I cant neither. Following is from HS log

    Date Time Type Detail
    3/28/2004 4:45:27 PM ImageUtility Error An unexpected error occured in the ImageUtility_MakeThumb() function/subroutine: [45006 - ExtractImage on D:\Program Files\HomeSeer\html\AVI\Livingroom Ninja C1_2004-03-28_16-43-57.avi failed.]
    3/28/2004 4:45:27 PM Error Web Server Error 404, cannot serve file: D:\Program Files\HomeSeer\html/AVI/Thumbs/0.jpg


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      This is a problem with windows 2000, however bryan is working on a fix which may be in the next version of the plugin.


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        Question, I'm still on my old version of this... did the avi thumbnail issue with W2K get fixed???

        or is there any other reasons why I need the latest version?


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          I really can't remember if any of the W2K users got 3.1.6 AVI thumbnails working. It should work since I'm actually opening the AVI and extracting the first valid frame to create the thumbnail.
          (Config is in my profile)


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            OK thanks....

            Anyone got 3.1.6 working with w2k (re the avi thumbs)??????