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Did I see a message about a new release 1.6?

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  • Did I see a message about a new release 1.6?

    Thought I saw a mention about it but can't locate it. When I did the last update yesterday the system told me I was current at 3.1.5.

    Been waiting for some of the new functions and features.

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    I'm currently working on 3.1.6.

    The biggest feature change is the ability to set the number of still images snapped by camera rather than the current method that applies to all cameras.

    It also has some additional error trapping code.

    I will be porting this over to the new .NET HomeSeer V2 shortly (as soon as I get a beta of HS2). This is going to be a challange supporting two so different versions
    (Config is in my profile)


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      Looking forward to the 3.1.6 update. I remember some of the features I had mentioned to you some time ago and hope they are included.

      Don't remember what they all were but you had mentioned having most in the next version.

      Thanks for your efforts Bryan. The system works great. Never did implement the streaming yet but now that a few other items on my TO-DO list have been completed I am going to try and get that next.

      Going to be quite a while before I will change to HS-V2. Don't like all that blood with new major versions. I am spending way too much time on just maintaining the current one.