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config problems

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  • config problems

    i just installed this plugin and i'm getting an error
    unexpected error in build cameras list function/subroutine 380- invalid property value.
    and on the config page camera avi settings in the box for video source there are no choices to pick from.
    on the general tab for capture card the hauppage is listed there.
    and now it won't even let me open the config screen.
    got any ideas.
    i have previously used this capture card with All House Access and it worked very well.

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    Did you get the latest version? I just finished re-doing my system yesterday and everything came up fine. Had a little problem in understanding how the streaming works but everything is working GREAT. It is the easiest and full featured plugin I have ever used.

    I run mine under the Touchpad Americana plugin so I had a few script changes to make. Fairly simple.

    I had a similar problem with earlier versions but most of the time it was my self imposed problem.

    The support for this plugin is EXCELLENT so I would think that you will get the answer you need.


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      config problem

      I just downloaded it.


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        How did you make out with 4.0.0? I believe I have to do a little updating on the documentation but for the most part the configuration stuff should get it working ok.
        (Config is in my profile)