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Hardware MPEG and AVIs

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  • Hardware MPEG and AVIs

    Brand new to this plug-in and looking for a bit of info before taking the plunge.

    Reading past posts, it seems hardware MPEG encoding isn't really supported? Doesn't software MPEG really hurt your PCs performance for other tasks? Can you install the card and encoding software on another PC than homeseer so that PC can get trashed with MPEG encoding while the HS PC is mostly unaffected?

    I don't care about streaming video. I simply want to have events in HS like "When motion sensor 1 detects motion record avi for 30 seconds". I'd also REALLY like to do this with hardware encoding to avoid performance issues (my PC running HS isn't the fastest). Is this plug-in a good fit or am I missing an easier way to do what I'm looking for?