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using this vs. Media Encoder

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  • using this vs. Media Encoder


    I have a license for your plugin, but haven't used it for a year or two. I had switched to just streaming video from Media Encoder on a stand alone machine. From a streaming standpoint, how does this plugin rate vs. encoder? You didn't have streaming when I last used it and I really don't want to put the effort into getting the plugin going again with knowing what to expect. Does the plugin stream at a decent frame rate, is it configurable, etc?

    Thanks for whatever you can provide. It sure looks like you have made great advances since I last used it!

    BTW: what kind of CPU utilization can I expect using a USB WinTV? My machine is a 1.8 Ghz.. is that enough?

    Thanks again.

    Jay Fro

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    I don't know about the differences but I run 12 cameras with streaming available on 8 of them for up to 3 users at a time on a 1.7mhz system.

    Sometimes I will get a choppy audio from HS on an announcement but that is very seldom.

    I have my frame rate set to 15 and it works pretty well.

    I have been working on my system for the last couple of days and the capture plugin has been offline to visitors but I think everything is working fine so I plan to turn it back on again about 10am tomorrow, Jan 25.

    Give it a try.


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      This plugin uses the Windows Media Encoder engine to do the streaming. You should be able to expect the same performance as media encoder. As to configuration, all the streaming profiles that are available in the streaming engine are selectable in the plugin setup. I'm currently updating the documentation for version 4.1.1
      (Config is in my profile)