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one motion sensor to trigger 2 cams?

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  • one motion sensor to trigger 2 cams?

    Can I do this? I want to snap pics from 2 cameras modulated to different channels. How can I set it up? I realize it couldn't snap pics at the same time. I am still having problems with my avi captures being too short. They are 3 seconds long, when the setting is 10 seconds. I don't know if this goes back to the rsizing of images taking extra time problem? Thanks, Richard

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    Well the plugin isn't set up to do this automatically but ....

    If you want to get creative with scripts/events, you could use the post capture event and have the script check to see if the last camera that snapped a picture was one of the two and then manually tell the plugin to turn on the second camera and then tell it to snap a picture. That would work.
    (Config is in my profile)