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Access to the stream

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  • Access to the stream

    I have tried every combination of URL I can think of to get to the streaming feed. I am on the HS machine, and have tried,, http://localhost, and all of the above without the HTTP://. When the windows media player loads, the error says it cannot connect to a stream. It appears to me like the streaming server isn't running. I have installed WME 9. I am sure I am missing something simple, but I have tried everything I can think of based on references from the documentation.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Jay Fro

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    forgot to mention, I have 8080 as the port. Is there someone I need to configure this on the HS or plugin? I am guessing that is where I am failing..


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      hmm... all is well now. I changed the profile to use a different one, and that must have done it. Wonder if the other one wasn't setup right or something. cool deal!


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        In 4.1.1 you will configure a local streaming address and an external address. You also set the port (all on the General tab on the config page). The streammain.asp page figures out if the stream client is on you local network or remote and uses the appropriate URL.
        (Config is in my profile)