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  • Video I/P card not found

    I have the Hauppauge PVR150 card installed and have just downloaded this plug-in and the web-cam plug to try to input shots taken by motion as this plug-in is supposed to do.
    I know the O/P from the card is MPEG2 and the plug-in cannot, obviously, make an avi file but I thought (read) that it could still take shots.
    After installing, restarting, removing and re-installing I still have the problem that when HS starts the plug-in fails with an error saying:-
    2/24/2006 4:54:29 PM - Hauppauge Captu - Hauppauge Capture plugin did not detect any installed capture cards
    plus a few other things.

    I know the card works as the supplied software has no problems, WinTV2000.

    System is HS 2.0.2041 with XP Pro

    Also I must point out the Web Cam plug-in will not work as well.

    Does anybody have this combination working or do I just dump the plug-ins?

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    Both this plugin and the Webcam plugin depend on the drivers supporting DirectX/WDM. The WinTV2000 application will work work with both WDM and VFW drivers. Can you verify that the PVR150 is using WDM drivers. Look in device manager to see what drivers it is using.
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      Hauppauge Drivers list

      Thanks for the fast response to my problem. I suspect you are correct but here is a list of all the drivers listed under:-
      Hauppauge WinTV PVR PCI !!(26xxx) in device manager.
      In C:\windows\system32\drivers:-
      HcwFalcn.rom, HcwMakoB.rom, HcwMakoC.rom, HcwPP2.sys, ks.sys
      In C:\windows\system32\:-, hcwECP.aax,, hcwUtl32.dll, hcwXDS.dll, iyuv_32.dll,,,ksuser.dll,,, msh236.drv, msyuv.dll, tsbyuv.dll, vfwwdm32.dll,

      As you can see there is nothing that appears to WDM drivers but there is a VFW one.

      I have tried with another program, Webcam2000 and that obviously sees the card as it brings up the tuner side in the config page but there is no display. Its looking for WDM drivers as well I think.

      Please inform if this card should work with these drivers as if not I must go down another route, if possible, to achieve what I want.


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        Did you install the drivers that came with the card or did you download the most recent drivers from the hauppauge web site? Here is the URL for the most recent drivers:
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          I have tried both, what came with the card and the latest versions. Still no joy. Not sure what I have sent you though!
          I have tried clearing the system out using the clear program and re-installing plus all the usual "tricks" but still the card is not found during booting of HS.

          Have you any idea of a name for the driver I should be looking for and did any in that last look as though the plug-in should work with the PVR150?


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            I do not know if this will help but I downloaded a WDM checking program which allowed me to stream the output of the PVR150 onto my screen. There were no problems at all. From the results I assume that the PVR150 WDM drivers are there somewhere.
            Is it a problem if the O/P from the card is in MPEG 2 formate as all the decoding etc is done by hardware on the card and it only puts out, as far as I can find out, MPEG 2?


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              I have a PVR-250 and it works fine with the plugin (for stills only though). Do you have DirectX 9C installed?
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                Thanks for the reply.
                I have DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904) installed according to "dxdiag".
                Does the PVR-250 O/P other formats besides MPEG 2?
                From tech support at Hauggauge I received:-
                "Most third party capture applications are looking for WDM capture drivers. Although the PVR-150 capture driver is WDM based most capture applications are also looking for AVI based capture. The PVR-150 does not support AVI capture, it uses hardware MPEG encoding."
                I now have another problem on the HS machine in that I can receive no sound, even from a TV channel, also the IR does not work! Possible bad card but I have to try it on a better system but no HS installed on it.

                Update:- I have installed the PVR150 with its software on a newer machine running XP home and all runs well including the remote control. I have installed HS 2 on the same machine, just to test for problems, updated to HS 2.0.2041 and installed the Hauppauge plug-in. After a few reboots and updating the database with some motion sensors and camera devices I tried to configure the plug-in. On starting HS I get a plug-in fault and on the configure page there are NO carpture cards listed.
                This plug-in just does not seem to want to work with this card. I know the PVR-250 is similar but I think I may be having to try to control the PVR-150 with its IR I/P but so far have not managed to capture pictures, which is the object of the excerise!!!
                Any more help would be appreciated.
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                  I'm not sure if it will help but could you post a screen capture of your device manager. Mine (for the PC with the PVR-250) looks like the attached picture. The cards drives must supply capture drivers so maybe the PVR-150 drivers do not provide that capability. This plugin does work with the PVR-250 to capture stills but won't capture AVI's because the putput stream from the card is MPEG2.

                  You may also want to do some reading at this site: as it deals with a lot of stuff for Hauppauge cards. I've just started reading myself.
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                    I went to that site and find it very interesting. They do not rate the PVR-150 very well. I have a sound problem as well, including the TV side, some people on the forum have the same problem because of the MB they are using.
                    Below should be a screen shot from device manager showing the Hauppauge information.
                    As you can see its not the same as your set-up.
                    Trust this shows something but I am suspecting that the PVR-150 has problems!
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                      Your device list for the PVR-150 looks ok, pretty much what I wanted to see. So I'm tending to agree with your suspicions that you may have a problem with this card. It could still just be a compatibility problem or the WDM drivers that Hauppauge supplies just doesn't provide the proper capture interface that my plugin is expecting.
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