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Errors durring config

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  • Errors durring config

    I was getting a whole bunch of error when I first started installing this, so I disabled the plugin, removed all camera devices, and the config file. I recreated the camera devices using the cm19 plugin for ninja control. Then I re enabled the pluging and set up my security zones.

    My cameras are all controlable from the web (Ninja wise) I have a few distance issues to work out, but the closer cameras are all controlable.

    However When I close the config app I seee the foillowing error:
    4/2/2006 5:26:39 PM - Hauppauge Captu - An unexpected error occured in the UpdateCameraZoneAssignments(210) function/subroutine: [13 - Type mismatch]

    Any Ideas?

    Also I have 4 ninja cameras, and 3 non-ninja but wirless and 1 wired camera. When I am entering camera types, how do I configure all types. The one configures by the cm19a app device type is Ninja something or other and the other wirless are called Cameras. How can I set up both types. Only one selection allowed

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    Maybe this will help you

    As far as I am aware, the plugin only uses one device type. Whatever you specifiy in the GENERAL tab.

    The CM19A assignes a specific name for all the devices it creates.

    You need to change the CM19a devices to the same as the other cameras that you have.

    I have all of mine set to Camera. I do have some extra CM19 devices gened but they are not really there yet so I leave the device name as it is and only change the ones that actually exist. That way the plugin only recognizes the active cameras.

    One thing to check for though is to make sure the HC codes are unique and there aren't any other devices using the same House code and unit code. That will cause a problem. You will get messages about multiple cameras being on at the same time. Been there, Done that.....

    I have found that when making changes to the plugin config, that I quite often get errors after making the change if I do not bring HS down and back up. They then all go away. It works well and only takes a minute or so. As long as they go away, all is well.