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Should this run on HS2.1.xxxx ??

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  • Should this run on HS2.1.xxxx ??


    I am trying to get some form of webcam plugin up and running. I have tried for hours to get the hauppauge plugin to work. I have setup the security zones, the cameras, and the capture card (ASUS TV FM Card 7135 .. seems to work ok).

    However, when i try and trigger a capture of either streaming or still, i get a million errors from the camera.asp page, and loads of remote server not found error in the HS logs.

    Am i missing the point, and it is not setup for HS2.1 yet, and if so, is there anything that will work, cos i've had no success with the standard webcam plugin either !

    All help greatly appreciated, as always !!


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    Can I get you to post the hspi_Hauppauge_Capture.ini file from the config folder? It's a good place for me to start doing some debuging for you.
    (Config is in my profile)