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4 port capture card & non X10 cameras - idiots guide ?

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  • 4 port capture card & non X10 cameras - idiots guide ?


    Am very new to this so please be gentle.

    I have a cheap 4 port capture card (Star Imavision / PICO 2000) which came with two wireless IR cameras I recently purchased via Ebay. Note these are not X10 cameras.

    I have reinstalled this card and junked all the original drivers replacing them with generic BT878 Conexant drivers which seems to work fine with the card.

    Now should I be able to configure this card and these cameras with this plug-in ?

    As I say these are not X10 cams they just send an RF signal back to a wireless video receiver which then sends a composite out feed to a TV, capture card etc.

    Ought I to be able to use at least one of the four ports to receive one feed using this plug in ?

    If so could somebody please just give me a brief idiots guide as to how to achieve this - if I've understood correctly I need to set up a security zone which is monitored by an X10 sensor - once this sensor is tripped it wil then send a signal to homeseer to start recording the feed the capture card is receiving from the video receiver linked to this wireless card and then after a edfined time period this then stops recording - am I on the right lines here ?

    The config pages for the plug in seem to be more to do with tuning the capture card into a specific RF channel to receive the camera signal - does this mean that I have to have my video signal modulated or can I just plug directly into one or more of the video in jacks on the capture card ?

    Any help hugely appreciated - as you can see this doesn't come easily to me !

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    I don't know the answer to your question, but, if you are talking about it working with a wired video feed, as far as the computer is concerned, then I am very interested in the answer.

    So. You are basically asking if it will work with a hard wired feed through a video input card. Yes?
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      Hope this helps

      You can plug the wireless receiver composite output into the card input jack. As far as I know, currently the plugin will only handle one capture card.

      When you set up the options for the camera, you have the ability to select either the video input, svideo input, or RF. RF lets you have multiple cameras outputting to a different TV channel and then be able to select each one by selecting the specific channel for the camera you want to view.

      I have 7 non-x10 cameras feeding multiple TV channels and when I select the camera I want to see, the plugin will just select that specific channel. By feeding into the composite or svideo, you only have one or two options. Using modulators gives you more flexability.

      If you visit my site, you have the option to select any of the 7 cameras or one view with all 7 on the screen. I use unused channels for my area and that also gives me the ability to view any camera on any tv in the house.

      Keep in mind that when you set up to use TV channels, you need to have an empty channel before and after the one you use. That includes commercial channels. You will get interference if you use ajacent channels...

      Be sure to visit the site during daylight hours for the US Eastern time zone. I turn them off at sunset through sunrise.

      If I can be of any more help, just let me know.


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        Thanks very much for your assistance - Ive haf a fiddle about and yes I can see the casmera output on 1 of the inputs on the board.

        I've started to try and set the plug-in up and have created a security zone linked to a MS13 Hawkeye. Every time I go through the process of tweaking the camera/AVI settings though I receive the following error:

        07/05/2006 19:44:19 - Hauppauge Captu - An unexpected error occured in the cmdArray_Click(110) function/subroutine: [381 - Invalid property array index]

        This makes it impossible to save any settings and start to test the setup.

        I am using default camera settings, PAL I ( am in UK), RGB24.

        Any advice ?



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          I am not able to help more

          The best source would be from Bryan and I would expect him to respond to you. I am only a user of the plugin and tell you what I have found. It works great for me. I have 7 cameras and will be adding a few more in a few weeks.

          Another thing to consider is that I still run HS 1.7.44.

          I have been using the plugin in for quite a while and it performs very well except when 'I' messed up the utility programs. Once I corrected my error, it has performed great.

          Sorry I can't be more help.


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            It appears the error is being generated when attempting to save the selected audio input to mute. What is available for the "Mute Audio Input" dropdown box on the general tab of the config?
            (Config is in my profile)


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              Thanks guys for all your help so far.

              Particular thanks to John who has sent me screen shots so I knwo what settings I should use for channle inpit/tuning etc.

              OK I really need an idiot's walk through now - please can you help me to do the following:

              1 - Create a zone called front door

              2 - Configure a camera to use this zone using a motion sensor ( my motion sensors are listed in the device types tab of HD as " Motion Sensor MS")

              3 - Assign the camera above to this zone created

              4 - Save all settings correctly and test.

              Many many thanks for all your patience.



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                Great news - success at last ! Thanks again guys.

                Have succesfully created the zone and assigned camera and am now able to capture images once the senosr is triggered.

                However my problem now is as follows:

                How do I go about adjusting and then succesfully saving the settings around number of pictures, delay, etc etc in the general and camera/AVi tabs.

                I don't seem toi be able to make any of myc hanges stick - I receive either one of the CMD array messages OR the capconfig just terminates.

                Also I seem to ne unable to rtecord video and can only record stills ( albeit one still at a time as I cannot make the adjustment for any greater number stick in the config settings).

                Any suggestions ?



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                  Post a private message with the contents of your hspi_Hauppauge_Config.ini file from the config folder and I'll see what I can out about your error message.
                  (Config is in my profile)