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What camera is the best to use...

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  • What camera is the best to use...

    I have a Hauppage card that I am no longer using for TV tuning and saw that it will work with this plugin. I need to buy a camera but not sure what type to buy.

    The camera is going to monitor outside from an indoor window. I guess It can be a CATV or RGB input?


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    I use cameras that have composite video out

    Not had a problem. Most of the ones I use are CCTV with a high line rate for great detail. I have one Marshal camera that is less than 2" square and has been mounted outside for over 4 years with no problems.

    I have even used a couple of X10 cameras for a week or so but gave up on any quality or resolution. Threw them all out and never been sorry.

    Except for the waste of $.

    B&W do well in the low light area and you can add a small IR LED flood that will help. Most color cameras don't work well in the dark or with IR. Many have a builtin IR filter to block the IR light to gain in better color.

    I personally prefer color cameras.


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      Thanks Kyham

      Now with the plugin and a CCTV camera, am I able to get live streaming? I think I read somewhere it takes snapshots based on a trigger but dont remember if it captured streams or allowed streams to be viewed.

      Also can the plugin take advantage of the TV tuner possibly allowing me to view TV from the web?




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        The plugin does support live streaming for any of the capture cards it supports. Right now there is no support for cards that have hardware encoding. That might change but not sure if/when.

        I have all my cameras feeding rf modulators. One TV channel assigned to each camera. Keep in mind that the channels should have an empty one on both sides to eliminate feed through. That includes any off the air local TV stations. In the Hauppauge config, last tab on the right, you have the option to select a TV channel for each camera.

        Then when you select a camera to stream or capture, the plugin will select the channel and use it. You could set a dummy camera to a local TV channel and when you select it, you would stream it.

        The streaming is a seperate ASP page. There are three. One for selective capture which could include either a still, a video, or both. The length of the video is set on the same config page as the channel assignments.

        There is another for viewing previously created videos, and a third for starting the streaming function.

        I had them all running on my system until I started the Christmas Light Show.
        I turned them off until the light show is over on Jan 10th. Then they will return.

        The plugin does work with both HS1 & HS2. Support has been GREAT!!!