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1000 - Error 'c' in SaveFrameJPG!

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  • 1000 - Error 'c' in SaveFrameJPG!


    I've upgraded to Homeseer 2.0 and now find the plug-in fails after about 50 seconds of capture with the above error.

    Attached is the relavent section of the log file.

    Hope you can help

    Happy Holidays

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    I've upgraded to 2.1.102 and the AVI capture gives the same error as in the attached log but even with short clips (15 seconds) the .avi file gets created but is zero bytes long. I am simultaneously capturing snapshots which all seem to be OK. Attached is also the info on teh hauppaude card.
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      How many images are you taking per motion event? What model of the Hauppauge Capture card are you using?
      (Config is in my profile)


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        Its a WIN TV PCI card, full version number details are in the hauppauge text file above, I'm using the latest drivers.

        I'm taking one snapshot per second for 30 snapshots and the AVI is set to record 15 seconds, do these need to be the same?



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          Bryan - At last I've got round to de-bugging this properly. It seems to be related to the Codec. It was set to one of the Intel codecs for some reason, I've changed it to Divx and voila it all works - Giles