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I've got cameras, a quad processor but no card....

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  • I've got cameras, a quad processor but no card....

    I've just bought Homeseer and joined the forum, so hello...

    I've spent a while now trawling the posts various to learn about using the video capture plugins (Homeseer and Hauppauge) with with various forms of input - from USB cameras to quad processors. I've looked at single phono input cards to Geovision multple BNC inputs and I'm missing something. I can't seem to find any recent examples of cards/combinations that work directly with Homeseer.

    Can anyone tell me the combinations of hardware they use, that work? I'm based in the UK and right now I'm looking at 2-4 CCTV cameras connecting to a quad processor via BNC producing a single composite image of all cameras which I want to then capture in Homeseer.

    I'm looking to buy a card that works with the plugins so I'm keen to learn about it before spending the cash - looking at, and talking to, Hauppauge the HVR-1300 seems to match most of my requirements except it uses hardware MPEG-2 encoding and being Vista compatible uses Broadcast Driver Architecture (BDA) which seems to be based on DirectX VA (link). WDM is also mentioned but I'm not too hot on MPEG compression, DirectX wrappers and so on. The Hauppauge plug-in description says that it will work with DirectX/WDM compatible cards but will not capture avi/stream if MPEG-2 is used, is that still the case for Hauppauge cards?

    If it works with DirectX does anyone know if it's likely to work with BDA/DirectX VA?

    I hope that makes sense and I'm not repeating or asking too dumb a question!


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    Some users have experienced success with the Hauppauge plugin (but you don't have to have a Hauppauge card to use it) with video capure with MPEG2 compression. However, I have not been able to get my PVR-250 to work with video capture or streaming. It could be the way my hardware is set up or the video drivers. I haven't had a chance to figure it out yet.
    (Config is in my profile)


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      Thanks for that. I've decided to just try the HVR-1300. So, the set up should look like:

      Then I'll try out the Webcam and Hauppauge plugins. Tinker as required and report back.


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        This should be approved.


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          Thanks for that. I've gone for a Hauppauge HVR-1300 card. The planned set up is:

          I'll report back for those who are interested.
          I'm running HS 2.2 on Vista.


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            MSWEB, you asked what other hardware combinations are out there, don't laugh. I'm using Dazzle USB devices. They seem to be easily recognized by the various capture programs I've tried, and they are cheap and flexible.

            They work well for interval capture and the WEBCAM plugin works well with one camera per system. With two cameras on one system, the WEBCAM plugin recognizes both but, the image saved is only from one, even though the image via XP indicates both cameras working fine. Tested on two systems. Troubleshooting...

            I like the Q-See 11 LED cameras

            Two systems:
            Test: WinXP Pro, 1.7 Celeron, HS 2.2, plugin

            Prod: WinXP Home, Duo 6300, HS 2.1.104, plugin


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              MSWeb, consider using an ASEL switcher to control output. It can control up to 16 cameras through HS.

              Have a look at it here


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                Hi. Thank you for the comments all. It's taken a little while, having moved house, to get settled in up and running and get ADSL sorted.

                Anyway, the set up I've described is apparently working (in the main). I'm running HS (as I write this reply) on Vista Home Premium. 3.2ghz P4 (HT). 2gb RAM and big HDDs.


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                  Jeff, what software and / or plug-in did you utilize to paste together ??
                  I have the board on order to play

                  Ubuntu on the Intel NUC ( 8i5BEK ), 32 G, 250G SSD, V4 Pro