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Don't press the X10 button!!!

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  • Don't press the X10 button!!!

    A word of warning for Hauppauge Capture plugin users who also use the CM12/CM11 X10 interface....

    Don't press the ENABLE/DISABLE button in the X10 column of the Hauppauge Capture plugin on the Setup->Interfaces screen. I did this thinking I was on a different line, and the ensuing problems took me an hour to track down.

    The long and short of it is that if you do this, the following line of the HomeSeer settings.ini is modified to:
    gSelectedx10Interface=Hauppauge Captu

    However, when you want to go back to the CM12/CM11, because of a bug in HomeSeer(?), HomeSeer sets the line back to:
    gSelectedx10Interface=X10 CM11A/CM1

    instead of:
    gSelectedx10Interface=X10 CM11A/CM12U

    With this line incorrect, the CM12/CM11 plugin doesn't startup and you get the following error in the HS log:
    05/11/2007 16:20:31 ~!~Error~!~Unable to initialize X-10 interface X10 CM11A/CM1 :Either no license or trial has expired

    Just a word of warning in case anyone else falls into this trap. I have raised a helpticket on the assumption this is a HS bug.

    (Out of interest Bryan, what does selecting this X10 button do in the Hauppauge Capture plugin?)

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    Why does the Hauppauge Capture plugin have the X10 column enabled? I just tested this with the CM11A/CM12U plugin and it enables and disables just fine.


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      Yep, I'm not sure what the X10 column actually does for the Hauppauge Capture plugin - I selected it by mistake.

      The problem with HS writing an incorrect string to the settings.ini though is repeatable on both my live and test systems. Are you using version of the CM11A/CM12U plugin?



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        Aha....have just found that it puts in this truncated string when using Firefox.
        If I use IETab in Firefox, it puts the correct string in.

        I will update the helpdesk ticket.



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          The X10 button is part of the hs plugin interface. I'll have to check my code to see if I configured the plugin to be an X10 interface. It should not be configured for an X10 interface.
          (Config is in my profile)