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Couple of questions

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  • Couple of questions

    I have a capture card with only one input. I am switching the cameras before they get to the capture card.

    When taking pictures I get the camera name text at the top of the image. This is not meaningful for me because it always displays the same text as I have only one input on my capture card. Is there any way to disable this or to display a custom message when I take the picture?

    Similarly - is there anyway to specify a custom file name when taking the image capture? I am currently grabbing the last image name and renaming it through scripts so it reflects the actual camera in the image.


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    How are you triggering the capture? The plugin setup allows you to specify the file name to use for each camera defined in the Camera/AVI tab in the config form. Also in the General tab the location of the camera name can be specified - use none for the camera name and no name will appear in the image.
    (Config is in my profile)


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      I am doing it through a script:

      hs.plugin("Hauppauge Capture").TakePicture "Hauppauge Capture Hauppauge Camera",1,0

      As I only have one input on the video card then I think the plugin only has one camera so it is always going to capture with the same name?

      I worked around this by using the last image taken name and renaming it via the script based on the camera selected.