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Help with Hauppauge Capture & Win 7

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  • Help with Hauppauge Capture & Win 7

    Having just moved HS over to HS pro and also onto a new Atom machine (which has the same hardware as the old hs xp machine) and now running Windoze 7 pro. Hauppauge capture is the only plugin not working.

    Anyone know if this works under win 7 ?

    Capture works but the capconfig screen won't load, it just gives the message capconfig terminated in the log straight away .

    Any ideas? or is it time to move onto a better capture plugin?


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    Same exact issue with Win7...
    HS2PRO - Ocelot, SecuIR, Secu16, Attendence Management Alarm Interface, X-10, LCD Studio VFD Display, 3 Apexis IP Cams, Custom Software Interfaces, GMQ Geiger Graphing
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      I haven't had a chance to test with win7 yet. Just got myself a win7 laptop so I should be able to figure out why the config screen won't open.
      (Config is in my profile)


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        Cheers Bryan... let us know what you find.