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Com 2 invalid ?

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  • Com 2 invalid ?

    when HS starts I receive the message "initializing
    Houselinc-com 2 is invalid. When I go into the interface menu and drop down the com window-no comport #'s are listed just the CM11 and "none".The houselinc IR interface window displays the correct com #. I have enclosed my start up screen. I am stumped any help would be appreciated. TomM
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    Just an update. I have uninstalled and then reinstalled HS 1.6. I also installed the latest pluginsfor my interfaces using the installer;this restored the comport settings for the houselinc unit in the interface menu.The "invalid comport error" is gone from the startup menu and everything is functioning normally. I still don't know what happened but the problem is fixed for now. Thank You for listening
    Tom M