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Houselinc and Digital BOB Connection

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  • Houselinc and Digital BOB Connection

    It's Monday and time for the dumb question of the week........How do I connect the Digital BOB to my Houselinc box? It looks like a RJ45 jack on each. Is there a special cable needed or can I use a straight-thru ethernet cable? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


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    My BOBs came with a cable from SmartLincm which is about 20 cm in length. I think it's just a straight thru 8 conductor cable. SmartLinc was pretty specific about the length, because I wanted to move the BOB to a remote location and use Cat-5 cabling to connect to the HouseLinc. They said "no joy" to that idea, but said that the probe wire could be extended.

    HS v1.6
    HouseLinc X-10 Interface
    RCS TX15B 'stat


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      There are 2 BOBS - One is Digital Bob - the other Houselinc BOB. Houselink Bob connects with a little network lookin grey cable - no power required. And digital BOB requires power and has the same grey network plug frayed with wires that are needing to be connected to something. ie- a relay of some sort. The lights are also different- RED(digi) GREEN(Houseinc)

      If you have the red guy - it's not gonna be as easy as you thought. The 10 dollar difference will get costly when you have to add up the four unversal modules (smarthome).

      Been there - done this. I still have the digi BOB, doin nuthin. Houselinc BOB works great. Hope this is of some help.

      --*(( Brent Kacian ))*--
      Homeseer - Houselinc