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'Extended' IR Codes - work in Plato - Need the HOW TO for HS

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  • 'Extended' IR Codes - work in Plato - Need the HOW TO for HS

    I had given up on getting my theatre working a while back. Was content with radio on/off and volume. I have really been striving to finish off the house as of lately. A new job has allowed more time for goofing off and the WAF is in approval mode, can’t let a good thing like that go to waste!

    I’m am plagued with a shortcoming in IR codes for the Tuner; such as video1, video2, AM/FM, and dialing in a preset station if I wanted to surf around. The Dish gave me similar problems. I called Smarthome, I was able to get the “Extended codes” in order to get all the functionality (in Plato). If you’re reading this you know how much fun Plato is, I have attempted to get the new codes in, in hope that the new downloaded set could be triggered from Homeseer, and all would work.

    Has anyone got another suggestion, Plato is a real ‘Pain in the Azz’! How about a script that could simulate certain scenes, IR strings, or the like, just to get the ball rolling. I’m about ready to purchase the PC to IR.

    Thanks for any input……..

    --*(( Brent Kacian ))*--
    Homeseer - Houselinc

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    I did this a log time ago. I still use the HouseLinc, But I wish I had started with a learning ir system.

    Take a look at the SmartHome Tech Tips. (#12 & 15) I used plato to move an extended code to another button that I did not need. Then close Plato and open HS. HS will now use the ext code when that button is press.

    SmartHome Pro Tech Tips

    Here is some other pages that may help you find extended codes. Look for the URC-6050, that is the type of ir remote used in the HouseLinc.

    Old mirror site for "One for All"

    Device Code List for UCR-6050

    More Links to the URC-6050

    I hope this helps you. You will have to wade through the info to find what you need.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Rick Higgs


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      Maybe this is already common knowledge here, but I'll mention it anyway. I just happened across this post but I may be able to help you guys. It is obvious from the superficial look I did with Google that this product is made or licensed by UEIC.

      It is probably electronically similar to a remote from a few years ago that had a serial interface. The good news is that it apparently can be programmed to use advanced codes and those advanced codes are well documented in another group. These will include discrete power and input commands for most equipment that have them:

      Sony, Pioneer, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, JVC, RCA, Denon, Yamaha, Onkyo etc.

      I only glanced at the documentation but the process looks identical to assigning an advanced code to an OFA remote.

      The best source of information is There is also a very active group described there that has reverse engineered a 6-pin interface on the later remotes and unfortunately that functionality is probably not available with your device. However, we do have a number of tools that may be quite useful. One is a cross reference between setup code and true device and IR protocol. There is also a utility that can decode Pronto ccf files into Advanced codes. has advanced codes=EFC=Extended codes listed for a wide variety of setup codes (like TV_0000 that is the main Sony TV setup code -- if your device only uses three digit setup code ignore the leading zero)

      Sorry if this has been a repeat of any information, but I'll be glad to discuss further if there is interest. I am a HS user but use a different IR interface, however I am active in the OFA remote world and know a fair amount about them.