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TechTips for Houselinc?

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  • TechTips for Houselinc?


    Does anyone have the "TechTips" for the Houselinc? The links on the Smarthome website (and everywhere else I've looked ) are broken.

    I'm looking for #12 and #15 on how to assign an extended IR function to a key.

    Thank you!


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    Try this link (

    I just tried it and it worked fine.



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      Thanks for replying. Yes, I can get to that page too, but I can't download anything from that page.

      I keep getting "Page not found", same for all the other tech-tips. Is it just me?



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        Sorry, I should have tried the links on that page. They don't work for me either. I have archived 10, 11, 15, 16, and 17 if you need any of those. I'll check later at home to see if I might have others.



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          Thanks again Chuck. If you find #12 please let me know.



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            I don't know if this will help. I am no HouseLinc expert and I just recently got one to experiment with. I do know a lot about the One For All (OFA) remotes that are the basis of the IR engine in the HouseLinc.

            I did test this out this morning so I know that it works. You first have to setup your IR devices. I used a Sony TV. Every Sony TV that I have seen in North America uses "Setup Code" TV_0000. The HouseLinc uses the older convention of 3-digit setup codes so you ignore the left-most zero.

            If you then set up an IR macro, using the TV device a window opens with a GUI with remote buttons that you can select including one labeled Ext. that has 000 by default (this 000 has NOTHING to do with the setup code.)

            If you put 113 in that window and create that command in the macro and execute it, the HouseLinc will send out the power On discrete command for a Sony TV. 113 is known as an Extended Command, an Advanced Code or an EFC.

            There are only 256 EFC's (0 through 255)if you see a number higher than 255 then keep subtracting 256 until the EFC is less than 256.

            The best collection of EFC's is here keep in mind that you must first find the setup code (TV_000) and then the find the EFC. TV_000 has nothing to do with VCR_000.

            There is also a listing for generic discrete codes here:


            For example EFC 113 is the On command for just about any Sony device. So for setup code Audio_158 (the generic Sony receiver setup code), EFC 113 will turn on most every Sony receiver.

            The home page for the above links, has a great deal of information about OFA remotes.



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              You can use the "magic" button function in the HouseLinc plug-in to send the extended IR command. Just execute a "magic" command, then the 3 digit code. So, you could send an IR key sequence such as: "TV,Magic,1,1,3"


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                I'll post number 12 here, email me I'll send you the rest.


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                  Thanks for all the tips...and thank you HiTech for posting the techtip.

                  In all my spare time I decided to write my own script interface to the HouseLinc. I've included these scripts in case any of you are interested in SALAD command level control of the Houselinc. IR SEND.txt has the main functions, and the other two scripts have some examples on how to use them. These are obviously very raw and are prone to getting I/O errors from the Houselinc, but work fairly well most of the time.
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