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SmartLinc use?

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  • SmartLinc use?

    This group seems a bit sparse, and quiet...
    Is anyone (besides me) using a SmartLinc or am I on the trailing edge of technology... again!

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    I guess the reason is users who browse this forum are likely using Homeseer for their home automation, so HouseLinc is just an interface similar to CM11A, not much to talk about other than when it's not working

    Also, the IR part of the HouseLinc is very limited so unless you have the exact equipment, you're pretty much out of luck for controlling IR. I still have one HouseLinc in the house doing nothing ever since I upgraded to Homeseer.



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      I can understand that... I just wondered if anyone else is actually using it like me, a combination of HS and Plato.


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        OH YES... I'm still using my houselinc. And I am so p***** off at SMARTHOME PRO for not supporting the Ir and still listing it in there catalogs. I love the Ir zones, but Home Theater went boat ancor when my old reciever died & the new one was not supported by the HouseLinc. SmartHome Pro said they be glad to sell me a new device to do Ir, BUT... it will cost me another $100, it needs another Com port that I don't have and does not have zones.

        Now would you want to buy more SmartHome PRO exclusive products if in the past the BOBs (Break Out Box)act goofy most of the time, the HouseLink will not be upgraded again by SmartHome to support new Ir codes, and most of the ProbeLinks have died? This was my dream system for many years before I could realy afford it.

        I HAVE REFUSED TO PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM SMARTHOME IN OVER 18 MONTHS! Even though they have a few things I need now. I talked to a sales manager a few monts ago and they would discount the new Ir product a little, but what good is it if I have to remove Ir & X10 controler just to get a single zone Ir? SO I OPT OUT. Who is the loser: Well I am for sure, and I hope no one else falls into their trap. I am afraid to buy from Smarthome Pro again.

        Sorry to rant, it's been a thorn in my side for a long time. Thanks for listening! Rick Higgs

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          I started out with one of these. After about 6 or 8 months I switched over to the Ocelot, and my HouseLinc has been sitting on the shelf gathering dust.

          I keep hoping to find some good use for it though. As mentioned, it has very limited IR capabilities, but it seem much better and cleaner than the Ocelot, for the codes it has, and it was easier to setup as well.




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            Well, After my last comment, I too have found out that the only way for me to access my equipment is to buy another (x10/ir) piece of equipment with a price tag of $120! I'm suppose to teach it X10 commands and then allow it to transmit the correct codes. I don't think so..... Three weeks old and it is already obsolete!
            I "thought" I was purchasing a premium product that suited my needs exactly, as the Ocelot (for less money) had features I knew I would never make use of.
            I am still with in the 30 day sastifaction guarantee, although it seems they are dragging their feet on this promise.
            I have been very happy with the past purchases from Smarthome, but I have not really had a problem up until now.
            They say you can really judge a company only when there is a problem... we'll see.
            I will probably go for the Ocelot also.

            Vent over


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              Just an update..
              Smarthome did allow me to return the unit and I purchased an Ocelot as I should have to begin with. They really need to take the SmartLink off the market as it is by design a nice piece of equipment, but with no way of upgrading the codes it is obsolete.


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                Man lucky you. My 30 day satisfaction guarantee ran out years ago. I guess I should be happy that I got some use out of it.

                I still have not made a purchase from SmartHome.

                I've asked them to take me off their mailing list, but every few months I take their catalog from the mailbox, laugh and toss it in the closest trash can.

                Oh well


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                  This is so funny. I just got my Houselinc. I thought I was getting a bargain - it was on-sale as an open box item (which are btw non-returnable). I began to sense something wasn't quite right when noticed the yellowing from age of the foam packing material Then when I saw the DISKETTES, I knew I had just thrown away my $130 bucks. Easy-come-easy-go. The JP1 thread above this one gives me some hope, but this MSG area has a lotta dust on it. Gemini, if you're still tuning in, you're not the only one who inhabits the "trailing edge of technology"


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                    Well I broke down 4 weeks ago and purchased the X10 to Ir device from SmartHome at a 50% discount as promised by the sales manager. And guess what... The Ir portion works as it should, BUT the "ProbeLinc" input is very flaky. I have reprogrammed it, reset it and reprogrammed it again so many times it's not funny. The probe will randomly send on/off. I set up 2 test events that would speak "TV on" and "TV off" for the corresponding probe code as described in the manual. Even if I unplug the "ProbeLinc" the unit will send random on/offs. Very annoying when HomeSeer speaks "TV ON", "TV ON", "TV OFF", "TV ON", "TV ON", "TV ON".

                    Must I say it again... STAY WAY FROM ALL SmartHome PRODUCTS, they seldom work the way the catalog describes!

                    Rick Higgs


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                      You guys ought to give the JP1 modification a try. I think there would be very little if any consumer electronic gear that it won't be able to control with the ability to do device and protocol upgrades with JP1.

                      What sort of equipment are you trying to add? I don't mind testing it to make sure.


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                        <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Jon Armstrong:
                        You guys ought to give the JP1 modification a try. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


                        I posted to your orig JP1 mod thread the other day, and now of course I see you've been here recently so let me ask again in ths thread;

                        Any chance of getting some more details on the six connections needed to the HomeLinc circuit board ? Pics would help, anything graphic.

                        I've looked over the HL circuit board, your post, the schematic link you posted, and everything even slightly related to determining these connections when they aren't already present at all the various JP1 sites. I can't as yet figure out where the six connections should be made on the HouseLinc circuit board. I have a cable I built and use with my RS remotes, but I can't figure were to mke my connections. Can you help ?