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HouseLinc Install

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  • HouseLinc Install

    found an old smartlinc houselinc and decided to play
    downloaded the plug-in but can't find instructions for config
    any help ??
    Ubuntu on the Intel NUC ( 8i5BEK ), 32 G, 250G SSD, V4 Pro

  • #2
    You're kidding, right?

    The Houselinc??? I put that out with the trash when I got my Ocelot.

    Let's see....what problems did it cause me:

    No status for IR devices (stupid probes would NEVER work)
    SEVERLY limited IR code library and NO MORE UPDATES. That killed it for me.

    But if you're really serious I'll dig up some old docs I still have and post again tomorrow. But trust me.........dump it now!!! It's crap!



    • #3
      Thanks !!

      I don't even think its hit the bottom of the trash can yet..
      I stll have the complete system, I never liked anyhow

      Ubuntu on the Intel NUC ( 8i5BEK ), 32 G, 250G SSD, V4 Pro