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  • Need help getting started

    I just installed HSDroid in trial mode. I didn't have any problems installing and enabling the plug-in/Android app, but can't seem to get it to function correctly. This could be due to my setup. I have an Elk M1G, and use the UltraM1G plug-in for my lighting control devices. When I select the UltraM1G Location, HSDroid goes to a blank screen. If I select Devices in HSDroid, I don't see any of my lights. I also have RCS serial thermostats, and HSDroid is showing the outside temperature the "Current Temperature". I have one RCS serial temperature monitor, and it is showing the current temperature as -100 degrees. Let me know if there is anything that I can try to get this working.


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    I've fixed some problems that might help. Go to and download a new HSPI_HSDROID.dll into your Homeseer directory (you'll have to stop homeseer first, then do the download, then start it back up again). Also download a new apk from the same website to your phone.

    Let me know if this works any better.



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      Using your updated version, I can now see and control all of my lighting devices through the UltraM1G plug-in - Thanks!

      Still something going on with the RCS thermostats though. If I select one of the thermostats through "Locations" -> "RCS Serial Thermostats", the Status field shows the correct temperature. Unfortunately, I cannot control the thermostat from that menu. If I select "Thermostats" from the top level menu, and select one of my thermostats, I can control the thermostat - but the "Current Temperature" shows the outside temperature. I have the optional outside temperature probe connected to my RCS HVAC controller.



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        I've got the X10 version of the RCS and what shows in location are all the virtual devices it creates. So I'm not surprised that you can't control them through these devices.

        Go to Homeseer web control and then go to Tools->Setup->Interfaces and click on the config button for HSDroid. Set the logging level to verbose, then start up HSDroid and use the Thermostats menu to select a thermostat and then go to the status page. Then email me the Homeseer log at



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          Thanks Dan. I sent over the log to you.