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Plugin: InControl For SageTV/HomeSeer - Version 1.3.2

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    Plugin: InControl For SageTV/HomeSeer - Version 1.3.2

    • Close Sage (server/service) and do a backup of the entire Sage directory, should you need to return to the pervious verison.
    • Close HomeSeer (server/service) and do a backup of the entire HomeSeer directory, should you need to return to the pervious verison.
    • Access HomeSeer Updater and download/isntall InControl version 1.3.1.
    • Go to Sage TV and update the UI Mod plugin for InControl to version 1.3.1 through the Sage Plugin options
    • Select Control from the Sage main menu, you will be prompted to correct any settings that were not previously set.


    InControl is a plugin for HomeSeer and SageTV. It provides a real-time interactive interface between SageTV and Homeseer. With InControl, you are provided with easy to use, graphical interface in SageTV to control and monitor any HomeSeer devices. In addition, you can use HomeSeer to broadcast messages to SageTV.

    • Control and/or monitor any device in HomeSeer from within SageTV
    • Send messages and alerts from HomeSeer to Sage with Events or Scripts
    • Send any SageCommand commands from HomeSeer to Sage with Events or Scripts
    • HomeSeer Devices for each of your Sage Server UI, Clients, extenders to monitor status and control directly from HomeSeer
    • Web based remote control available from the InControl HomeSeer web page
    • Custom graphic library included for SageTV
    • Secure connection with SageTV via HomeSeer user id and password

    • SageTV 7.0.8 or higher
    • InControl For Sage Plugin (available through SageTV plugin library)
    • HomeSeer 2.0 or higher
    • InControl For HomeSeer Plugin (available through HomeSeer store and updater)
    • HomeSeer and SageTV must be on the same PC or connected via a network

    • Be sure to download and install the InControl Plugin for HomeSeer first. It is available through the HomeSeer Updater and Store.
    • Once InControl is running on your HomeSeer server, you can download and install the SageTV component through the plugin manager.
    • Please be sure to review the links below for more information.

    More Information:
    • Enhancment Requests - There are many other features I am planning to add to this plugin. However, please feel free to post any enhancment ideas and I will do my best to add the capability.
    • Defect Reports - This is the first public version, please feel free to report defects and I will do my best to correct and update as soon as possible. Please note that this version has only be tested on Windows platforms.

    Version Information:

    New Features:
    • Added timeout (seconds) for how long messages sent to Sage will appear (0 seconds will keep message on screen until a button is pressed):
      a) Modified "Action" in HomeSeer event to allow entry of timeout
      b) hs.plugin("InControl_Sage").SendSageMessageByID "<Sage Device id or All Device>","<String message>","<Timeout in seconds>"
      c) hs.plugin("InControl_Sage").SendSageMessageByName "<Sage Device Description in HomeSeer>","<String message>","<Timeout in seconds>"
    • Added "Channel Up" and "Channel Down" to the Sage Commands (for Events and Devices)
    • Fixed bug where "Delete" a button on the HomeSeer Device was not working properly
    • Fixed bug where "Right" from a location column with many buttons skipped over the devices column.
    • Added UI control in Sage such that if a Location is "Selected" the focus will move over to the first Device
    • Added Sage graphics for "Garage" and "Sprinkler" status
    New Features:
    • Enhanced HomeSeer Device creation and communication, including the ability to assign any SageCommand as a HomeSeer Device Button. Please note, you will need to manual remove the old HomeSeer Devices for Sage.
    • Locations and devices are now sorted alphabetically.
    • Within HomeSeer Device setup, now added the ability to send optionally the Device String or Device Value, instead of the Device Status. This will allow devices, such as temperature sensors or other similar devices to pass their status to HomeSeer. In addition, it will also send the default graphic properly.
    New Features:
    • Added "Sage Device" configuration in HomeSeer to allow for each Sage Device (Server UI, Client, Extender or Placeshifter) to have its own settings within Sage. In addition, to showing the basic configration, it will also highlight if the device is on/off and/or playing any media. Note, Sage Servers running as a service will NOT have a "Sage Device" in HomeSeer.
    • InControl now allows HomeSeer to control Sage in the following ways:
      a) While in the "InControl" main web page, you can send basic commands to Sage (including Sending a message to Sage, Sleep, Stop, Extender On/Off, Exit-which will close Sage on a PC).
      b) While in the "InControl" main web page, you can bring up a Web Remote with most options to directly control the "Sage Device" of your choice.
      c) Within HomeSeer Event Actions, you can now select "Sage Command" to send most available actions to all or a specific "Sage Device".
      d) Within HomeSeer Event Actions, you can now select "Sage Message" to send a message to all or a specific "Sage Device".
      Each "Sage Device" can be set up with its own name and can be tied to a HomeSeer device
      e) Within HomeSeer scripting, there are 4 new commands available:
          hs.plugin("InControl_Sage").SendSageCommandByID "<Sage Device id or All Device>","<Sage Command>"
          hs.plugin("InControl_Sage").SendSageCommandByName "<Sage Device Description in HomeSeer>","<Sage Command>"
          hs.plugin("InControl_Sage").SendSageMessageByID "<Sage Device id or All Device>","<String message>"
          hs.plugin("InControl_Sage").SendSageMessageByName "<Sage Device Description in HomeSeer>","<String message>"
    • While editing a "Sage Device" in HomeSeer, you may now allow it to create a normal HomeSeer device that will show a status of "On", "Off" or "Playing" for any "Sage Device" that is running InControl. This will allow normal HomeSeer Events to monitor the Change in its DeviceValue to trigger actions when Sage is turned on, off or contect starts playing.
    • Added an InControl background to Sage
    New Features:
    • Added capability to Control Events with InControl. To select the Events that Sage will see, click on the "Events" link on the main InControl plugin page. The events will by default go to Sage with the group name being the location and the name of the event being the device. This can be changed to provide a more Sage friendly name. (HomeSeer and Sage)
    • Significantly improved and added step by step progress indication as the Sage configuration is being performed. This will significantly assist in selecting the correct settings for HomeSeer and Sage to communicate (Sage)
    • Added port to the Sage Server/Clients listing in the initial InControl screen Sage Listing (HomeSeer)
    • In Options menu, will automatically try changed port if listner is not active, otherwise will prompt to restart Sage. This eliminates the need to restart Sage while trying to find an available port. (Sage)
    • Added configuration parameter to set custom text for the button that appears in HomeSeer (HomeSeer)
    • Added check for Client vs. Server to set RecPort to different numbers (to avoid conflict of Sage running as a service and running Sage Client on the server)
    Bug Fixes:
    • Corrected issue where plugin is being set up initially through an extender prevents the settings to be saved correctly for the server.
    • Corrected issue where running Sage as a service and then starting the Sage UI on the same server as the service would conflict in the port they are using.
    New Features:
    • Reconfigured SageTV and HomeSeer Pairing process to eliminate false connections and multiple entries in HS
    • Added capability in HomeSeer to clear all Sage connections
    • Modified each Sage UI to access its own Sage properties fileAdded additional debug tracking capability
    Bug Fixes:
    • Added additional debug tracking capability
    New Features:
    • Initial version