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Error saving config after updating mcsAudrey

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  • Error saving config after updating mcsAudrey

    Updated to the latest version of mcsAudrey ( and after doing so started receiving the following error any time I make a config change or try to 'save as' on my config file

    3/10/2006 1:51:50 PM~!~Error~!~Saving configuration: Multiple-step operation generated errors. Check each status value.

    I uninstall the version and went back to and the error goes away.

    Any one else experiencing anyhing like this?

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    I just re-installed the HAI Panel Plugin after having a bad HAI board and am now getting this same exact error message. I am running HS1.7.

    Anyone find a solution before I open a ticket?



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      HS2 introduced new bits in the device .misc property. They were support to be backward compatibilty, but it turns out they are not.

      V1.24.38 makes the use of the new bits conditional on HS2.

      It may mean that you will need to do something to remove the bit from the .misc property of the audrey devices. The devices can be recreated. A restore of hs from an xml prior to the Audrey update. The little .vbs script below should do it too, but not tested. Change the Housecode, NumberOfAudries as appropriate. Only needed with HS1.x and only do it if you have a continued problem with the multi-step error.

      HouseCode = "]"
      NumberOfAudries = 2
      set hs = Createobject("Homeseer.Application")
          for i = 1 to NumberOfAudries * 10
              i2 = hs.DeviceExists(HouseCode & cstr(i))
              if i2 > -1 then
      	    set dv = hs.GetDevice(i2)
      	    dv.misc = dv.misc and &H3FFF
              end if