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Run-Time Error 13 when starting client

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  • Run-Time Error 13 when starting client

    I had the client successfully installed on a machine. Installed 2.2.1 (I think) and when I ran the program it detected it needed to be updated and did so. All ran well, connected to server, etc. In the course of troubleshooting a logon issue I, like a bonehead, deleted that user profile (under which I installed the client). When I logged in the client was not available so I figured I would just reinstall. During reinstall I was met with a dialog indicating that a newer file was about to be overwritten by an older file. I decided to let that happen figuring Iwould get the newer file during the update.

    Well when I tried to run the client I got an error dilalog, "Run-time error 13 Type mismatch." I have uninstalled and reinstalled the client to no avail. How can I fix this>

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    Hmm... I' guess I'll leave this in case anybody else has this issue. Manually deleting the ini file has done the trick.


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      I think its time for me to make a new setup package that will fix the ini problem.