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Error creating shortcut

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  • Error creating shortcut

    Well, I guess this is my weekend to create problems. I planned on swtiching driving a touchscreen from an old laptop running Win98SE to one running XP (Home). A few glitches with XP (like no moremonitor shutoff) so I decided to go back to Win98SE. I had removed a few unsed programs from the machine and when I went to run the client it would no longer run (don't recall the error/s).

    So I uninstalled and reinstalled the client. Whenever I first start the client I get an error dialog:

    error in createshortcut function
    ActiveX component can't create object

    If I acknowledge the error the client connects and as far as I can tell all is fine. i've tried uninstall/reinstall, killing the ini file, etc. I can't get rid of this error.

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      Christian- Anytime I touch the checkbox for autostart I get the message. In any event keeping that box unchecked (the ini file relfects FALSE) and putting the shortcut in the startup folder (which I had already done) doesn't help.

      Yes, the monitor on/off works fine with W98. I am assuming, since the touchscreen is several years old that XP and that hardware was my issue with keeping the monitor off. Even if I tried testing with letting windows shut the monitor off, it would not stay off.


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          Christian- I'm pretty sure the shortcut was not being deleted as even though I checked the autostart box, the error keeps the ini file from getting updated. However I did rename it to be sure. Any way to fix the shell problem? I am not running any anti-virus or spyware on that PC. In fact, other than the client and touchscreen drivers I don't load anything (except IE 6.x).

          My motivation to move to the other laptop with XP was that it is a little faster with a little more memory. I thought that might give things a little more "zip" when refreshing screen icons and such. There really was not any noticiable difference. In addtion there was a slight (very slight, but I could tell) distortion to the icons on screen so I decided to just go back to the W98 machine and be done with at. At least that's what I thought until the new error.


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              Thanks! As soon as I saw "Windows Script" I knew what the problem would be. To try and get a little more zip I removed everything I could (didn't help). When I first reinstalled the client I got lots of ActiveX errors. I recovered an older version of the registry so Windows "thought" scripting was still installed, although I'm sure some files were gone. I uninstalled and reinstalled scripting and that error is gone.