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Any way to use Message Server to set the PC time?

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  • Any way to use Message Server to set the PC time?

    I am using MS to turn my touchscreen monitor off overnight, when gone, no motion, etc. From what I can tell the system clock loses time when this happens. I guess it could be the CMOS battery (it's an older laptop running the touchpanel) but it makes me wonder if rather than digging up a battery I could use Message Server. Any command I could send to set the time?

    BTW, I did get a freeware utility to set time once per day but if the screen is off much during the day I still lose too much time. Oh yeah, the reason it matters is I run a screensaver that makes the touchpanel a clock when running.

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    What OS is the laptop running?

    There are a number of time sync programs around for various falovours of windows and XP has it built in.


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      I am using W98 SE. I did find a utility that will update the time once per day, but I could really use more often.


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          Not used any of these - but

          Seems to have a few - the Currenttime 1.0.1 reads like it does what you need.

          Also, not sure if win 98 supports it but some versions allow you to do something like

          net time \\anothermachine /s

          so you can sync your "slow" machiine with another machine (if you have one)




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            Try this one.

            Don't have the web site handy but just do a Google search on Atomic Clock.

            Free, and easily installed. I have been using it for a couple of years without a problem.


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              My vote is for Tardis. (google tardis mingham smith)

              It runs as a service, has a bunch of pre-programmed servers, you can set time periodically, etc, etc. etc.

              I like it so much I'm even using it in XP.