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    Disable server via event

    My wife would like a do not disturb option for our whole house audio system. The best way for me to do this is to turn off the meesage server.

    I would like to be able to send an x-10 command that would turn off the server, and then be able to send another command to turn it back on.

    Can this be done?

    Keep in mind that I want homeseer to be running the entire time, and some events may still be trying to send to the server, but I want it to be off.

    I am OK if while it is off the log shows some errors when it tries to send some messages, as long as the system doesn't hault.

    I took a different approach that may help. All my messages are generated via script. I put code in the script that would prevent the message from being sent to the clients on my network. Basically i have an x10 address set as a flag/gateway.
    X10 flag on, messages get sent to client, flag off messages are blocked. I prevent messages from being sent to my work client to prevent messages from hitting their server when im not there. (im not sure if the ms will even try to send to a client if the client is not connected, i just want to make sure.)
    I can send you a script example if you would like.
    Later Tman1


      I'm not sure whether you can turn the message server on and off via scripting/event control, but I did want to offer an approach that has worked well here for similar on/off control: have a time delay event trigger when she shuts the server off so that it will re-enable after a preset period. That way, you don't have to remember to turn it back on.

      I have several such timers I use when we want to work in a place where a motion detector would normally cause an announcement to be made, such as the front walk, when I'm mowing the lawn, for instance. Or for when I'm working inthe garage and don't want to annoy the rest of the house with the "garage motion" announcements. After 15 or 30 minutes the announcements are re-enabled.
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        That would be great!


          Okay, this script pulls the device string from one of the weatherxml devices that records the temp. The section you are interested in would probably be the part that constructs the string for the variable "clients". My scripting skills are definately in the infancy stage so let me know if something doesnt work and I'll try to help. The output is to a balloon and message box. Hope this helps. Later, Tman1
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