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Client Error when laptop restarts

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  • Client Error when laptop restarts

    I have a laptop I carry around the house for HS interface. MS-Client works great on it.
    It goes into hibernation when not used for 15 minutes to save the batteries.
    When the laptop comes out of hibernation MS-Client gives me this error:
    "An error with the last xml string from our server has been copied to our MS_Client folder. A name was started with an invalid character. If you need hlpe debugging this end the file to ... "
    Once the "OK" button is clicked the client reconnects (as I set reconnect to 5 seconds) and all is well again.
    I think I get this message because the client only receives a partial message - but I don't care as the laptop was in hibernation. What I don't like is the client won't reconnect until I click OK. Is there something to set in the client so it doesn't display those errors, or puts them in the client log and goes on??

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    I will add this error to the new error handling instead of having a message box a menu “error” will be added.

    I will post an update Monday



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      Thanks Christian.

      "The universal answer is 42."