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    It seems to me that any SW that is paid for should at least include some instructions or users manual. With message server I got nothing. I can send a message from the message server menu item that is in Homeseer (but sometimes this disappears!!!!!). No script I've tried sends any message at all! I spent my $ for this, wouldn't it be reasonable to supply me with some kind of assistsance? This is baloney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Tone it down a little bit. No need to get all riled up. This message board is about the best I have ever been a member of.

    Christian has put a lot of hard work into the message server plugin and I for one, thank him.

    I use this plugin everyday and I could not be without it.

    Before you complain about something, you might want to do a little searching thru the message board. Any problems have usually been addressed already.

    The search feature does work.

    Web site | Help Desk | Feature Requests | Message Board


      Welcome to the best BB on the PLANET. Christian is very quick to respond to all users questions.
      I would reference the thread in this section where he went WAY out of his way to look into and fix a problem that it seemed just myself and maybe one other user was having. In less than two days the problem was addressed and a fix posted to the updater.
      I've also attached the help file that came with my install and SHOULD be located in your homeseer\help directory.
      Once you get rolling on this you will also find this to be one the most useful and "mission critical" plug-ins out there.
      Have a good one, Terry
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        It gets a little frustrating, but ask away and there are many people willing to help you, including the author.

        I have to agree with Bob and Terry. Christian has been very helpful and on the ball with questions and fixes. Unfortunately, your attitude just makes people not want to write the fun stuff. I was under the impression that there is a trial code for the Message Server. Did you not try it first?

        Good luck and let us know if we can give you a hand.