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Stand alone client software - no install required

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    Stand alone client software - no install required

    Hey Christian,
    Finally pried my wallet open and bought the package, it is highly recommended.

    If you get idle time, I was wondering if you would consider a stand alone, executable client, even a stripped down version.

    Like with VNCVIEWER.EXE, you can just run it directly off of a floppy disk without "installing" VNC on that PC.

    This would be helpful for people that would like to run the client software on a work PC but do not want to fight the IT police regarding "installing" software on the work computer.

    Thanks for considering this!



    That would be cool.
    I could use it when I go to Guard duty. You know how the Gov is on putting "other" software on their machines.
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        Holy crud! Nice job!

        Here's how you do it:

        1- Put the following on a floppy or a jump drive and take it to work with you (UPDATE: or find these files in a zip file in the next post below):


        Put these files into your %system%/system32 folder ( c:\windows\system32\ or c:\winnt\system32\ )

        2- "From the computer you want to test, browse to your server on the message_server about page you can download the client file (the About page). Extract it to a folder" that is inside your My Documents folder (that way only you get to it since this is a shared computer).

        3- Run the program from inside the folder that you put in My Documents.

        4- One of two things will happen:
        a- An ms_client.ini file will appear in that directory and the program will start with default settings
        b- An error log will appear complaining it can't find a file. Read the error log, find a copy of that file on a computer where the client software is running and put that file on the new computer in the same folder as where you found it on the working computer (usually %system%/system32 again). Then delete the error log and then try again.

        I would suggest not selecting the Start MS Client When Windows Starts option in the client software, it may launch for other people who log onto that computer but I don't know.

        This was tested on a Win XP Pro machine.

        Once again Christian, YOU ROCK!
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          Here is the zipped three files I needed to make MS Client work.

          Once again, extract them to the %system%/system32 directory.
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