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Works great!

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    Works great!

    Just a note to the author and to any prospective buyers. This tool has exceeded my expectations in both functionality and stability. It is very intuitive to set up and gives you the ability to extend homeseer easily to you entire home network.

    I am mostly using it at this time to notify clients of events and Caller ID. I would like to hear from other users to see how they ended up using the Message Server.

    Running HS 3 on Win10 .

    I agree

    I too find this plug-in to be mission critical in my Homeseer setup.

    I really like the many varied ways you can send messages thru this interface, wave, html, tts, graphics by itself, graphics embedded in html....

    One I use is the message server send keys command to pause winamp on a client machine for caller id announcement or other messages. Kinda an extension to what you already do.

    Caller id with an embedded link back to the Homeseer webpage to check the messages is probably my favorite one though.