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Message Server "Lite" or "Portable" Client?

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  • jrfuda
    Thanks christian. Those posts mentioned manualling installing some files in Windows' System directory, which is a no-go on a non-admin account. Everything needed will have to reside on the flash drive in order for tis to work.

    I may try intalling the client on to my flash drive at home and then try it at work, there's a chance those files could alread be on my work PC.

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    Guest replied

    Yes I think is doable and there a topic about something like that here.

    You will need to make sure that the controls are installed and the client will be good to go. I will take a look and make a little something to make sure the files are presents and install them if needed instead of trial and error with the client.


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  • jrfuda
    started a topic Message Server "Lite" or "Portable" Client?

    Message Server "Lite" or "Portable" Client?

    Christian, I've been looking at this plugin for some time now and am considering giving it a try. The feature that would sell me, though, is a what I'll call a "lite" or "portable" client.

    What I mean by that is a client program that can be installed to a USB drive nd installed on that drive by a non-administrator, power-user, etc. Several "thumb-drive" enabled apps have been released lately and I think that Message Server's client is a great candidate.

    Think about it, if this functionality is possible, all you'd have to do is pop your thumb drive into your work computer or a friend's computer and "pow" instant client, and the best thing is when your done, you don't leave anything behind.

    Do you think this is doable?