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Server command going to too many clients

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  • Server command going to too many clients

    I have an event whereby when there is no motion in a particular area I have a touchscreen shut off. I do this via:

    &hs.Plugin("Message Server").ClientMonitorOff (Basement)

    I just installed the client on a second PC. When message server shuts the monitor for "Basement" off it is also shutting off the monitor for the other PC. Do I have some incorrect syntax? Using HS 2.0.2041 and the MS beta from the updater. Clients are (I think) 2.4.x

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      No I don't, but I am not sure it would work as the second PC has power saving stuff enabled and "Basement" does not. FWIW, basement is a Win 98SE machine and the other is XP Pro.


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        I am going to resurrect this thread. I have now verfied that both the monitor OFF and the monitor ON commands go to all PCs. Can I send via IP address rather than name?