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  • No messages lately

    I don't what caused the change or when it occurred but I just noticed today I am no longer getting or able to send messages. They do not work when sent via event, script or thru the clients.

    Anyone else notice this?

    I have gates established to only allow messages to be sent to clients at certain times or when messages only effect the particular client. I at first thought my gates were out of sync, got time to check them today and realized. NO MESSAGES

    Any help is appreciated.

    p.s. no errors in the log, just no message output. if launched from a script all other script functions work, just no message output. so no syntax has changed, (i think)

    Later, Terry

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    Yeah, me too. I just had an Windows update, I wonder if that had anything to do with it.


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      Have you checked to see if the Windows firewall has been reactivated?


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        Had not but have now.

        Well here's what it ain't
        windows firewall off
        norton rules for message server still the same
        all ip's and clients match in message server settings
        no errors in any logs, including message servers webbased log

        hummmm, Later Terry


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          I did. Things are working again. Must have had brain fade.

          Originally posted by Rupp
          Have you checked to see if the Windows firewall has been reactivated?


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            It wasnt working

            I SWEAR

            But its back now

            Later, Terry


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              Nope, still broken

              Upon further investigation.

              Actually it's just partially broken, If I attempt to send a message from the webpage for a specific client, it wont go thru. If I dont specify and do "all connected" it will go thru.

              From a script the different types of boxes work but when I had a client name in the who to send it to field of the string that was not a valid client it would fail. Instead of just not sending to the unresolved client it dropped the message to all.

              Anyone notice anything similar.

              Later, Terry


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                  I posted an update on my site.

                  edit: link removed

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