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Message Server Broken Since HS 2.1?

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  • Message Server Broken Since HS 2.1?

    Since upgrading to HS 2, I haven't been able to change message server settings.

    Is Message Server even supported under HS2?

    I use it for remote script editing and testing and haven't been able to access the plug-in over the Internet for some time now. I'm pretty sure this started after installing HS2.x.

    -- Steve

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    Just a point but you can now edit your scripts via the HomeSeer interface now that it's all web based.


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        I'm unable to change any Message Server settings.

        Any change I attempt reverts back when the page reloads.

        I'm running:
        Message Server

        -- Steve


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          Did you enable the plug-in in the HomeSeer interfaces?
          Do you have any error in the log?



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            Funny you should mention that. Last night, I was installing another plug-in and noticed that Message Server wasn't enabled! I enabled it and restarted HS (to complete installation of the other plug-in) but I'm still not able to change any Message Server settings. I can access MS on the local network and the Internet but I'm stuck running the server on port 90.

            Since MS wasn't enabled all this time, why was the plug-in button visible?

            If I have time tonight, I'll try reinstalling Message Server and see what happens.



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              Working now under HS


              I ended up building a new machine for HS to reside on and just installed Message Server (manually) only to discover that I still could not change MS settings via the Homeseer UI.

              Since the plugin was working with its default settings I decided to try and change the server port by editing the Message_Server.ini file in the /config directory. I restarted Homeseer and noticed in the log that Message Server had started on the new port. When I went to the HS web UI to verify I found that I'm now able to change and apply (save) settings! Don't know what happened but it's working fine now.

              I am sorry to see that you no longer offer Message Server. Despite the fact that HS2 offers script editing capability and a speaker client, I prefer the Message Server text editor, even when developing scripts locally. For example, when I receive a script error in HS and the log reports what line the error was in I have to copy the script text to a third party text editor so I can see line numbers whereas the Message Server editor has line numbers and colors also. It also makes it much easier to copy and/or reuse sections from existing scripts when working remotely.

              Thanks for a great plugin and all of your hard work.

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