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My plan for the summer

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    My plan for the summer


    I think we already have a strong .NET version so I will play outside this summer.

    Please send me any errors or things you found strange I will have a look at it.

    I will mostly only fixe bugs that may occurs then in autumn I will finish some new features that are very well started but not finish.

    New feature:
    • It will be possible for developer and I to build simple .NET2 UserControl dll to add anything to Message Server only good ideas and time will be needed. I have C and VB samples probably other .NET language can be supported.
    • Still need to practice but voice command will be supported. I already have the simple command working need to work on the more complex one that events used.
    • MSAgent will support more complex script to use the wait request. It means that more then one agent can be controlled and they wait for a statement to be finished before continuing. I always have lots of fun every time I add agent stuff.


    Have a great summer, sir,



      Christian, I see that you're in Quebec, so you're in the same climate as I'm in in Ontario. We hold our summers dearly since they aren't long enough!