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Client hangs on copying files

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  • Client hangs on copying files

    I have the client installed on an old Win98SE laptop that I use to power a touchscreen. When the client starts it hangs on a screen with a dialog that states "Copying Files" and never gets beyond that point. Client connect on other PCs (Vista). MS and HS .135 I have tried reinstalling the client to no avail. Any idea?

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      The client on the Win98 machine has the same date stamp as that which is in the link (August 2007)


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        Hmm.. for grins I replaced all the client files on the Win98 machine with fresh copies from the plugin even though dates are the same. When I start the client I know get a message that the client is out of date and when I initiate the update it fails. The same client runs fine on my Vista OC and I *think* the clients are OS neutral.


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          I installed the newer beta you just posted and then the client from that beta and now the laptop is connecting again.