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hspi_message_server ERROR

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    hspi_message_server ERROR

    Hi, WOW, its been years now, my older HS has worked great for many years now, But just a day or two ago I get this error when HS starts. "hspi_message_server Version: 1.2.38 is out of date please install new version". So my MS-Client no longer works.. Help I miss it :-(

    Running HS Ver 1.7.7
    WinXP Pro..

    Just started doing this. I don't see any updates for this older version, and its been so long I sure don't remember if I have the original installation files or not.

    Can anyone give me some advise..?

    Thanks so much..



    You can find a VB6 update here:


      Thanks for the information Christian,

      Wondering why this just happened. Its worked for years.
      Can't I just reinstall the server portion of the program ?

      I don't have a license, as it was free when you first wrote it years ago.
      So if I install this update it still will not work right ?

      Any chance you have the old Version 1.2.38 I can download and reinstall ?

      Thanks so much for your help..

      I'm so used to that program sending messages over my home network. Great program.



        Phil - if you PM me with your email I can send you a zip file with That was the latest HS 1.7 package.



          Originally posted by Bill Brower View Post
          Phil - if you PM me with your email I can send you a zip file with That was the latest HS 1.7 package.
          Bill, I'm posting this public as your PM is set to not allow messages. I will delete this post later.

          Thank you so kindly to offer to send me the old Message Server program for HS 1.7 program. I have MS_Client 2.2.46, but can't seem to find the MS_Server program. Since I don't use HS Ver 2, I'm out of luck as it seems Cyvinec is unable to send me the old copy so I can repair the installation. So Thank You very much for your kind offer.

          My email is : .

          If there is a newer client to match your newer MS_Server I may need that also, as I have the Ver 2.2.46 MS_Client, and hspi_message_server Version: 1.2.38

          Again your help is very much appreciated. Phil


            I guess I'll be talking to myself as I never received any help on this question.
            But I have finally got my old MS_Server program running on my old version of HS 1.7.7
            Seems to work now by using port 120 instead of the old default port 90
            This is a great program, and I am very happy to have it running again.