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Can't turn my monitor off, what am I missing?

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  • Can't turn my monitor off, what am I missing?

    I use MS to turn off/on a touchscreen that is driven by an old laptop. I finally retired that laptop, which was running W98SE, for a "new" old laptop running XP home. Now MS is not shutting the monitor off any more. I am running the most current version of MS,

    My command (for off) is:

    &hs.Plugin("Message Server").ClientMonitorOff (touchscreen)

    This was the same syntax I used before, only the client name changed (from "basement" to "touchscreen").

    What am I missing?

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      No worries. I tried the IP address. When using the IP with quotes ("") it still does not work. When used with parins ( I get an error:

      Running script, init error: Expected ')'

      Yet I find no missing )


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          I'll validate a couple of things when I get home. I am not getting any error message, it simply does not work. MS connects OK, and device updates show in the window on the client so it would seem communications exist. I'll try to send a message when I get home.


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            Well color me puzzled. It is all working now. I did not change anything. Maybe MS sent me a patch.