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Using Powerlink with Media Center Extender

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  • Using Powerlink with Media Center Extender

    Powerlink sounds like the plugin I need for mye setup.

    However, I am running Vista Media Center on my Homeseer machine, and watching TV/movies/music etc. on my TV downstairs using a Media Center Extender. (Linksys DMA2100)

    I was wondering if PowerLink will work sith this setup?

    When I for example press play on my Extender, will that "trigger" the homeseer event I have programed on my Homeseer computer?

    Anybody know?

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    I'm not sure but it should take a second to set up a test event to simulate.


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      I am in the same situation - let me know how it goes for you.

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        I will, when/if I get it to connect to Vista Media Center. (See my other post in this forum)


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          VCE / MCE Extender


          Powerlink may be able to detect extended MCE / VCE event. However if these event names change because they are triggered from an extender and not the host MCE / VCE machine it is possible that powerlink will ignore them as It has not been designed to listen to events driven by anything other than the MCE PC itself.
          If anyone with an extender is willing to run an event listener for me and send me back the log file I will be able to reconfigure the configuration files for powerlink to allow it to respond to extended events. Please email be at
          It would also be helpful if powerlink is currently working and running using VCE or MCE on the host computer before any testing is done.


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            Powerlink for HS3

            Calling All Powerlink Users. If you are thinking of upgrading to HS3 then you will need the new Powerlink Replacement. Link2MCE offers the same functionality and a lot more. We can discount the price of Link2MCE for those users who are already powerlink users.

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              I didn't think this plug-in still existed, with the closed until further notice?

              I still run 7MC, is this still active with HS2?



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                powerlink plugin is still fully available for HS2, however the this time I am working towards replacing it with my new plugin to support HS2 and HS3.