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Can't connect to Media Center

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    Can't connect to Media Center

    I downladed the trail plugin to test if it worked with an extender.

    However, I have been unable to test that so far, because I can't even connect to Media Center.

    I have Homeseer 2 and Vista Media Center on the same computer. After installing and running POWERLINK.EXE I got a bunch of error messages relating to powerlink not beeing able to access a bunch of files.
    So I gave powerlink.exe all access via properties (read, write, etc etc.) ant then It started up fine.

    It connects fine to Homeseer 2 and the PowerLink Hub. But the connection to Vista Media Center always shows "DISCONNECTED".

    Do you have to do something special to get it to connect to VMC? OR should that be "automatic"?

    Any ideas?

    I'm speaking with Duncan (author of this plugin) about some connection issues at the minute that i'm having with MCE 2005 and Powerlink, but does it even work on extenders? I run the powerlink application on my MCE PC - can you install applications on extenders?

    Might be worth emailing Duncan dgrant @ to double check. There is a connection issue patch which might work also.


      I don't know if it works with extenders, that's what I wanted to test.

      I guess it depends on how extenders work with the VMC aplication itself, and how Powerlink detects VMC actions.

      If a mediacenter works independantly of VMC actions, (I.e when pressing PLAY on the extender, VMC itself does not "send" a play command to Powerlink) then it won't work I guess.

      However if when I press play on my extender that sends a "play" command to VMC that Powerlink can recognice, it might work.


        VMC State Fix for powerlink

        I am not sure if you have installed the patch to fix this media state problem. If not I suggest you download this file and install following the instructions.

        Let me know if you require any further help

        Patch Fix here


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