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Beta: PowerCams, Files, HTML Logs.

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    Beta: PowerCams, Files, HTML Logs.

    I've been scarce for a while. Hope I didn't miss too much. But for some of you it will be worth the wait!

    PowerTrigger has been significantly enhanced, but is still in need of testing. It's free; I still don't envision that changing. Pushing it to the finish line is just becoming a chore.

    So here's what's new.
    • Internet Camera support
      • Up to 9 cameras supported
      • Interfaces via HomeSeer Actions, so Jon00 interfaces work with it; see attached image. Yes, those direction and refresh buttons work.
      • Can retrieve images and put them into a HomeSeer accessible location, so you don't need to open more ports to the outside world
      • Supports Up/Down/Left/Right on Toshiba and Panasonic cams (others may come)
      • Configurable security levels, so you can force all to go offline or just "inside" ones for privacy.
      • Archiving functions to make creating lists of images easier.
    • File Operations
      • Deletes by file pattern or mask
      • Can limit it by age - Only delete files more than X hours or days
      • Can limit by count - Keep the X newest matching files, delete the older ones.
      • Can limit by size - Keep the newest X MB of files matching this pattern, delete the rest.
      • Has a "log only" feature so you can test it thoroughly before risking data.
    • Complex File Logging
      • Insert the string into a file, newest at the top of the "log" section
      • Allows the log to be, for example, in a table in the middle of a file
      • Multiple strings can be concatenated, including HTML delimiting tags
      • Device Value, String and Last Changed
      • All from drop-down menues
      • To any file.
      • Prevents duplicates automatically (due to HSM100 multiple-fires)
      • And it can automatically limit the number of entries, aging off old ones.
    • And a few fixes/tweaks, such as the Average function and adding /100 to the CSV device logging.

    I wrote the camera extension because I have several such cameras and was using PySoft's ActiveWeb Cam. It's a processor and bandwidth hog, always grabbing images even when nobody is watching, and recompressing every image all the time. It also doesn't play super-well with HomeSeer. It has one advantage - full-motion video. But I found I seldom can use that, for bandwidth reasons, when not home anyhow. Certainly not from my cellphone. So I wrote a replacement.

    If you are a skilled power-user of HomeSeer who wants to play with this new version of PowerTrigger before it's fully baked, please send me a PM. The camera features currently require editing an ini file by hand, so it's not yet for novices.

    Attached Files

    there have been lot changed since the first version...
    I will be happy to test the new version.


      Tehcno, is this a video camera aplication that can be used w/Jon00 touch screen program?
      Win.2003 OS, HS3
      BLups,BLrain8,HSTouch,Ultrajones Weatherbug,
      AP800,Honeywell Stat


        Yes, that's what the screen shot and reference to Jon00 interfaces mean. I use it with his new package.


          Originally posted by TechnoCat View Post
          Yes, that's what the screen shot and reference to Jon00 interfaces mean. I use it with his new package.

          Would it be possible to give me a more detailed explanation as to what the new version of PT does in relation to camera integration (and anything else) with my Control interface? I keen to support/reference other interfaces and would like to put this in my documentation.


            Techno, sent a PM 2 days ago.. any luck sending??



              Sorry, haven't been online at home much. Will send out a burst in a few days when back home for enough hours to process.

              Jon00, yes, will do. Basically I had written a camera server but realized that your interfaces work better with Events than with URL actions, and that HomeSeer's authentication combined with mine really confused I.E., so I designed for everything to be a configurable event action. The HomeSeer NetCAM plug-in doesn't expose much to the Actions, and can't point, while this can.