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    All I know is RCS and have been impressed with its durability and capabiltiies. I bought mine about 6 years ago and haven't looked since then.

    There are other brands like digimax but I don't know what I don't know about that. I would search amazon / ebay / smarthome for deals. Take your time if you can and wait for a deal to show up.

    I have insteon and love it, but one of those therms costs what both of my current x10 stats cost together. As long I have my PLM, x10 will be around on my system


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      Okay, so I knew I would have follow up questions eventually, and here they are (hopefully someone can help!)

      Doostat seems to have issues initializing the thermostat, and without a reboot of both homeseer and the thermostat itself, they seem to lose the ability to talk to each other from time to time. If I tell Doostat to reinitialize the thermostat, it will sit forever until they are rebooted.

      Can anyone assist or have a similar issue?


      Alternatively, is there a built-in way to control this thermostat (non-doostat)? All I want to do is control heat, cold and set/see the temperature. Which might be asking a lot, or might not, I really don't know.


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        Hi, a couple of things:
        • Are you really sure about the x10 signal, all of the time? The PCS05 is a pretty powerful transmitter, but it can get blinded by noise. Sometimes its seeing if its related to a fridge kicking on, charger getting plugged in, etc
        • At one point I think I mentioned not having all of the boxes checked on the thermostat control. eg, ack message, etc, They all should be checked and on. My mistake.
        • Every once in a very long while, or after playing with the stat, the stat needs to be unplugged and replugged. Typically a reboot does not fix this so I don't think this is the issue

        Try these.



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          The boxes are all checked.
          I haven't unplugged and replugged the stat, but I have cut power at the breaker and restored it - wouldn't that do the same thing?
          How can I be sure of the signal? I have no idea if there is noise or whatever - how do you check?

          Right now the status is stuck on initializing and won't move. It had been on OK, but stopped listening at some point, so I figured I would try reinitializing it, but now I'm here.


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            Line noise is pretty insidious to get at sometime. Its from things that may not be on all of the time, especially things with motors that are located very close to the electrical panel, or on the same circuit as the x10 device with problems. I have had problems with furnaces, washing machine and low voltage lights. I also just recently debugged a problem to a functioning GFIC outlet, but only when something is plugged into it (?) who would have thought?

            An alternative is to try and get your X10 controller for your computer plugged in somewhere closer to your electrical panel. I moved my server to my electrical panel added an break for an outlet right on the panel itself.

            What type of x10 controller do you have on your server?